DREAM Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
DREAM::AVLTree< key_type, item_type >This class combines STL vectors and maps providing a fast implementation for find (), operator++ (), operator-- (), and operator[] () in a common class
DREAM::AVLTreeNode< key_type, item_type >Class for one element in the AVLTree
DREAM::BaseClassExceptionException class for errors caused by calling unimplemented virtual methods in base classes
DREAM::ChannelReal-time event Channel
DREAM::clear_vectorStruct to be used in std::for_each to clear elements from vectors
DREAM::Const_Iterator< item_type >Iterator class for DREAM::AVLTree
DREAM::consume_pairStruct to be used in std::for_each to call consume () on std::pair->second
DREAM::delete_itemStruct to be used in std::for_each to delete elements from vectors
DREAM::delete_objectStruct to be used in std::for_each to delete elements from vectors
DREAM::delete_pairStruct to be used in std::for_each to delete std::pairs
DREAM::ExceptionGeneric Exception class used in the whole DREAM implementation
DREAM::FixedPrioritySchedulerFixed priority-based Scheduler model
DREAM::GeneticOptimizeOptimizes the scheduling of DREAM::System
DREAM::IFInterpreterThe IFInterpreter class generates input for the IF toolset from the DREAM models
DREAM::Iterator< item_type >Iterator class for DREAM::AVLTree
DREAM::LinkedList< item_type >This class implements a doubly linked list
DREAM::LinkedListNode< item_type >Struct for one element in the LinkedList
DREAM::ModelCheckModel check class
DREAM::NodeGeneric Node class used to build the dependency graph
DREAM::NodeListThis is a simple map to store Nodes
DREAM::NonConcurrentSchedulerNon-concurrent Scheduler model
OptionGlobal options
DREAM::PriorityInversionListThis data structure is used by the model checker to introduce priority inversions into the model
DREAM::QoSLevelThe base class for QoS properties
DREAM::reset_pairStruct to be used in std::for_each to call reset () on std::pair->second
DREAM::SchedulerBasic Scheduler model
DREAM::SolutionA deterministic schedule for DREAM::System
DREAM::sort_solutionsUsed by genetic algorithms to sort solutions based on the fitness function
DREAM::stop_pairStruct to be used in std::for_each to call stop () on std::pair->second
DREAM::SystemDistributed Real-time Embedded system model
DREAM::TaskReal-time Task
DREAM::ThreadA Thread is a map of schedulable Nodes
DREAM::TimerTimer model
DREAM::transition_pairStruct to be used in std::for_each to call take_transitions () on std::pair->second
DREAM::UppaalInterpreterThe UppaalInterpreter class generates Uppaal XML input from the DREAM models
DREAM::XMLExceptionException class for errors reported by the XML parser library
DREAM::XMLParserXML Parser class

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